Jodi – sf Design Mens Silk Shirt

sf Design Mens Silk Shirt

I know it’s not often I personally exhibit my self on these pages, this time however I felt the need to show you my latest purchase from sf Design. It is a silk shirt for men and in my opinion it’s great there are four colours: blue, gold, light burgundy and the one I am wearing is sage and it looks great for a night out on the pull (not that I need to go on the pull). One final note the collars and cuffs are either, modify or have a resizer script so you can get that “just so” fit

Model, Photograpger & Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – sf Design at the Summer of Love Fair

sf Design are at the Summer of Love Fair in Purgatory, amongst some of the usual fine outfits I found this. Now for those of you that dont rocognise it, I am wearing a Royal Marine Officers No. 1 dress uniform. Ok I’ll explain my motives, I decided to pay a tribute to our lads out there and unless I am mistaken miss Firefly might have had the same idea. Soooo (raises a glass) heres to you boys and girls.

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Jodi – sf Design 25L Monday Mania

sf Design Lord Lace and Lady Lace

Something to have ready just in case Prince Charming holds one of his balls (I mean the dancing type not the …. oh never mind), both outfits come complete with shoes. Which means you won’t be searching around for something that matches at the last minute.

Both are on sale in store all day Monday the 28th for the bargain price of L$25.

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