Jodi – sf Design 25L Monday Mania

sf Design Lord Lace and Lady Lace

Something to have ready just in case Prince Charming holds one of his balls (I mean the dancing type not the …. oh never mind), both outfits come complete with shoes. Which means you won’t be searching around for something that matches at the last minute.

Both are on sale in store all day Monday the 28th for the bargain price of L$25.

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Jodi – INDI Designs Rico & Rita

Casual and cool, just the thing for the long hot summer. This outfit can be worn in any combination you wish, so whether its down the pub watching the match or following your better half around the sales you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed (sorry can’t help with the pre-match tension).

INDI Designs O’Donnell Black

O’Donnell is a black lace up, comfortable and easy to walk in just the thing for shopping with the missus (just don’t tell her that).

And here we have a little peek of what the missus tried on and finally bought after 3 hours of dragging hubby through 16 shops!!!! God, he was so brave and did not complain at all. ;o)

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Skins & Shapes

Jodi – Along came Polly … and she’s quite Unique

(picture above was photoshopped)

Unique lately released the Polly skin. It comes in 12 make-ups … some very classical, others “different” (in a good way) ;o)

2 of the make-ups come along with “open lips”. I know, I know … you might think of the rabbit-look-a-like skins now. But Unique did a great job and the open lips look very natural and not rabbit-ish at all.

You can choose from normal breasts to sexy breasts and from bald to hairbase.

Polly, my dears, has everything what a good skin needs. Believe me, I’m very picky when it comes to skins. ;o)

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Jodi – Phoenix Rising … with this lingerie it will be more than a Phoenix

Tamara is wearing Tainted by Phoenix Rising and Colin is wearing Cruz boxer briefs in red.

Once again Colin is wearing Cruz boxer briefs this time in purple and this time Tamara is wearing Mislead from Phoenix Rising.

Both ladies sets have that classical elegance, which has a slight retro look. A must for those ladies that like that certain class in their lingerie collection, whether it is to tease and tempt the man in your life or just because you are worth it! Phoenix Rising has it all.

Not to be left out Phoenix Rising, gives the fella in your heart a little something for you to feast your eyes on. A lovely set of boxer briefs one in red and the other in purple, oh decisions, decisions.

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Jodi – *BOOM* Infinity Beach Bikini

Boom lately released the Infinity Beach Bikini. It is available in so many colours and patterns and a variety of the top and bottom styles, that I stopped counting at a point. lol

Nah, I surely counted for you: In total 360 mix and match pieces make this bikini so fun.Wear the top with the fitting bottom or mix them up. Just have fun and enjoy the summer.

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Hair & Hairaccessory, Shoes, Skins & Shapes

Jodi – Hoorenbeek

Head to toe:

Hoorenbeek are giving away this Hoody for all subscription members, Drop into the store click on the group subscriber board and get this stylish hoody for absolutely free, gratis and for nothing.

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