Shoes, Skins & Shapes

Jodi – A walk in the woods

Head to toe:

Kappe/Cap: Hoorenbeek Sculpted Cap Boston Red Sox

Skin: REDGRAVE Tyson

Weste/Vest: Sey K.D. Vest

Pullover: Sey T & Shirt The Death

Jeans: NINIKOBOY Low Rise Jeans

Stiefel/Boots: Hoorenbeek Patagonia Used Black

*Looks at the calendar* Hmm yes its only July, but it’s time to plan ahead. This little collection is just right for the cooler days that are bound to hit us without warning, so whether it’s for the long stroll in the woods with the woman in your life by your side or you’re walking the dog (nicer with the better half joining you). You’ll be snug and warm and more than ready for that mug of hot chocolate when you get home.

Jodi – Bloggers with heart and soul


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