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Jodi – So Many Styles

So Many Styles has joined the  50-L$-friday this week, so I hopped over to have a look at what they had to offer. So what I got is the Puffy Babydoll in Peach. If you have nice legs like me, you can wear it as a very sexy, short dress. If your not confident enough, pair it with a pair jeans or leggings and make it more casual.
I thought the new Kalnins Saleina Shoes would go well with it. My new kEIra Skin I got from Dutch Touch‘s 50%-summer-sale and the lovely I Love Olive Milla Hairstyle completed that outfit.

Speaking of leggings:  I found some Leather Leggings at So Many Styles. I know, I know … leather leggings sounds  a tad cheesy. But I paired these with the Asy Tunic from So Many Styles as well and I got the look shown above and hey presto! I was dressed for a day at the office or a night out with the girls; The perfect day to night outfit.
And I know it’s very unlike me, I went to the Shoe Fair 2010 and bought some (more) shoes (The things I do for you dear blog spotter),  I got the new SLink Aveela, that go so well with this outfit. As a finishing touch, I added the Redgrave Summer Skin and Dernier Cri Ann Hairstyle and I was done. See you on the dance floor! Tams xx

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