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Jodi teases you with a bit of Temptation Vol. 1

Hello ladies … let me tell you about Temptation.
A lovely shop with some really nice clothes. And cos it’s too much to show all off in one blog and surely to tease you a bit, I’ll do it a little bit at a time.

Today I put the Temptation Bikini “Delightful,” on. Presenting it in 2 colours for you.

And cos I love you all so much, I’ll also show you some skins that came to me as group gifts over the last day or two. On the left you can see the Exodi Isolde and on the right side we have Tuli Audrey.

Do you like the hairstyles? Well, I do. Left is Analog Dog tillie and right is Uw.St Fox (just to let you know so you’re not searching around the store for Fox, it is actually a mans hair which in my opinion looks better on me that it would on the old man).

No shoes this time, sorry, but therefore some primfeet with cute pearl jewellery from SLink. As everybody knows I can resist any thing but Temptation

Huggles & snuggles Tammy xx

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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