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Jodi – The new faces of Redgrave: Jessica & Craig

Do you remember the last time I showed you a skin from Redgrave? King was a mature looking male skin with a sfx bundle that made him look like he had been through the wars a little, well this time Ms Redgrave has given us another two. Only this time they have a little more of a romantic look about them. Say hello to Jessica and Craig, now Jessica has a Nordic look about her with a hint of Celtic features with lovely defined eyebrows in either red as shown on the picture above or blonde and gorgeous full lips (you can choose from a normal looking mouth to a sexy pout with lips slightly parted). While Craig has a Latino/South American look about him, not quite as rugged features as King but he does have that Latin lover look about him. He also has a choice of body hair or bare skin so you can choose how you look, both skins are pale but … there is likely to be a release of a darker bundle very soon. So watch this space, these two skins are a labour of love to Emilia and hold a special place in her heart and I must say I do not hold that against her one little bit, the textures are absolutely spot on and I have fallen in love with Jessica as much as Tamara has fallen head over heels for Craig (the skin I mean she was already in love with Colin).  The inspiration for Jessica is likely to have come from Patrick Süskind’s novel “The Perfume,” if you have read the book or saw the film then you will understand my meaning. Ok, as a little more of an encouragement. Then I recommend you visit the store because “IT’S NEW” that’s right there is a new store, a whole new layout with different sections. With Craig and Jessica having pride of place to celebrate the new opening, what a way to kick off a new beginning!

Models: Tamara Lowenhart & Colin Tunwarm

Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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