Jodi – Purrfect 10 .. shoes … shoes … shoes

Purrfect 10 Amara

Purrfect 10 Serenity

Purrfect 10 Serenity Leopard (VIP Gift)

Purrfect 10 Isabelle

Purrfect 10 Isabelle

I think the good thing about doing a job like this is the variety in the items we write about, not only that but also the pictures we publish. Plus I get an immense feeling of pride when I think about the amount of people that probably get to look at these blogs and the influence we may, or may not have in your clothes shopping habits. Lets take this edition for instance: Here we have one of Tamaras favourite obsessions, shoes and boots; so for this edition Tamara is wearing the latest release from Purrfect 10. The boots come in several different styles so you can choose from a sexy red snake skin boot to a lovely decadent gold leather and then some, so if you want boots that stands out from the usual then maybe Isabelle is for you. The shoes also come in various styles and really show of those lovely pins, they also come with heels sounds which can be turned off if you find that irritating. But whichever way you cut it these boots and shoes are just Purrfect!

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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