Hair & Hairaccessory, Shoes, Skins & Shapes

Jodi – erratic jenna & vicky

Head to toe

  • Haare / Hair: [e] Details (new)
  • Skin: League Amber (new)
  • Kleid / Dress: erratic jenna (new)
  • Schuhe / Shoes: Gos Platform Pump

Head to toe

Take a look at the two dresses above, go on take a good long look and tell me if you know the designer. Oh you don’t? Well thats because she is relatively new as a designer in SL, so that said; let me introduce you to Erratic Rain. This young lady came to our attention through one of our many sources, so we had to take a look for ourselves. Like I said she is still quite new and her collection is still growing but, what we found for example were these two very sexy dresses that seemed to jump out of the vendor at us. As you can see the textures are excellent and the overall design is really rather good, so looking in the Tunwarm crystal ball I see a bright future for Ms Rain. Just watch this blog and we will keep you informed however, the best advice we can give is to take a butchers for yourself. Good luck Erratic let’s see more of your talent please!

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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