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Jodi – A walk in the park…

Head to toe

Hector is a lovely old fella, he’s loyal, obedient and similar to his  master. Loves his home comforts, a nice big fire to flop down in front of nice food and plenty of affection. So imagine if you will, a nice quiet Sunday: both of us have enjoyed a lovely big roast and now a kip in front of the fire to sleep it off. Sigh, alas someone had a better idea. Yes you guessed it! A certain lady jingling the car keys in my ear, then attaching the dogs lead to his collar. The look of horror on Hectors face and of course mine as well, “you both need exercise ” she says, I look at the dog and he looks back with those big brown eyes imagining the rest of his life spent away from the fire in some cold place miles from home. So it looks like my Sunday afternoon nap will have to wait and so will poor Hectors.

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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