Jodi – Can we talk?

Many of you know that me and Tams try and bring you the best fashion advice, not only for the best quality but at what is affordable. So it will come as no surprise to learn that we also like to help you to make the best decisions that you could reach, after all it’s your money, you earned it so you spend it. The fact is: and this may not be so much as a shock to you … but during my daily movements around real life I see beautiful ladies walking the streets wearing beautiful clothes, then I come home and see beautiful ladies wearing beautiful clothes around SL. The point I am trying to make is: many designers in SL will garner inspiration from RL designers, this is not a crime and frankly why not it’s what you would probably wear in RL anyway? I know from personal experience that what Tams may blog would be something similar to what she would probably wear in RL, so in truth she looks good in RL as well and not to be a kiss up artist she is a pretty lady in RL as well. The point  is:  SL designers might be inspired by RL fashions and, many of them may well be a designer in RL and why not? There are many RL educational establishments that have entire sims in SL to either publicise the work they do or to help others to learn the tricks of living in SL.  Get to the point Colin …

How many of you have, during the course of your travels around SL received an IM asking if you want to buy cheap hair, skins or clothes straight from the designer? Hmmm quite a few of you I see! Right just so you know. Much of what they offer is most probably stolen, well the design is anyway. When you buy from a reputable designer/store, you will notice that the item purchased is most likely no transfer, no copy but may be modifyable to get the best fit. This protects the design from being passed around copied and sold on cheap. This is in fact not only illegal but goes against Linden ToS, now I dont know how they do mange to steal the design, unless there is some way to get the permissions changed with some fancy programme? I don’t know and frankly I dont want to know, the point being that a person I know had copied items removed from their inventory by Linden Labs. Now I don’t know if that is true or not or that they accidentally deleted them with out realising, but it does make you think don’t it? So dear blog watchers, lets be Frank. If someone offers you cheap items for a couple of hundred Linden (which may well be half the original price), then I advise you to refuse immediately keep a log of the conversation (according to Linden ToS) and report them. To accept could put you in contravention of the same ToS and we dont want you to get into any trouble do we? Tams and Col x

Edited by Colin Tunwarm


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