Jodi – A short history of Jodi

“Why do we do this?” I was asked by one of our followers recently, well to be honest it happened quite by accident. Tamara was first approached to do a fashion blog by a friend, as time went by we started our own and i got involved mainly by helping to find locations for various shoots. At that time we were running a small photographic firm and doing a lot of our pictures to post on flickr, during the run up to Valentines day 2010 we posted our first blogs on Jodi with Valentines specials. After that we just started to post more and more, eventually Tamara started to drift away from the friends blog and Jodi started to grow. I was doing less and less of the photographic work and started to add commentaries to the blog, as our relationship grew so too did the blog and the commentaries turned into short stories. After we lost our studio, after a dear friend left SL we worked from a sandbox and used locations we had discovered over time during our travels. Even then the blog kept getting bigger, I was adding more stuff as we kept working. Our home at that time was purely imaginary but it was real to us, the one thing missing was somewhere we could work from that gave us privacy and maybe our own location we could adapt over time. Now we have a plot of land again, which is open to the public to use and to enjoy the scenery and take their own pictures. We now have a studio on a sky box which gives us a private area to work from and also to be alone if we so wish, Hector (a golden labrador) roams the garden chasing rabbits and the odd imsomniac squirrel and we still take pictures for pleasure as well as for the blog. So dear blog watcher when you see comments on the blog that either praise or bury a designer it is by me and not Tamara, I do get a little over critical and i do try to keep my criticism to a comment that hurts a little less than it might otherwise do. Please carry on watching our blog and I will try and entertain more with what we have been doing.


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