Jodi – A New Day, A New Year

So another year ends and a new one is about to begin, I won’t say it has been a wonderful year for all of us but for some it has been better than others. We have all had our triumphs and challenges this past year and there may be more to come, for my next year and that of Tamaras’ we have one of our biggest challenges to come in the next few months. However at the end of the rainbow is a crock of gold and I intend to be sharing that with the woman I have grown to love more and more as the days go by, both in SL and RL. Tamara has agreed to share my RL with me from the middle of this year and I hope it will be the new beginning we both need. As for all our friends in SL, the designers, our readers and others that just look to see what we have been doing we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year and we do hope all the dreams you have for 2011 come true and you prosper with love and strength. We will be here as usual bringing you the best in fashion and ideas, so don’t touch that dial. peace and Love to you all. Tamara & Col xx


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