Jodi – 50 % off closing sale at aDiva :o(

aDiva Avalanche

Another sad day in SL for fashion lovers, Annejoy Payne of aDiva has announced her intention to close her store by the end of January. Many of you will remember that Anne had an accident towards the end of last year which left her unable to produce many of her fine outfits, we are unsure if this is the reason for her shock announcement or it is something else. To be honest with you, all myself and Tamara wish to say is good luck, God bless and we hope you come back soon after a well deserved rest. Now we at Jodi know that you all like a bargain and once again Anne has spoilt you, she has put all her stock on sale at 50% until the end of the month. Meanwhile me and Tams decided to once again blog some of our favourite outfits that seem to jump Annes design board, on the picture above Tammy is wearing my personal fave which is Avalanche: Don’t ask me why but I just love it, it’s simple, sexy and smart and if she only ever wore this outfit again I will be a very happy avatar.

aDiva Cassie

Ok, did  say that Avalanche was my favourite outfit that Tammy ever wore from aDiva? i just couldn’t make up my mind when she wore this little number, the thing with aDiva is most of the outfits she made were cute and sexy and were well worth the money. Tamara has loads of outfits from the store and she looks faaaaantastic in all of them, it gets to a point that to decide which is the best one is really difficult. Having said that, what’s your favourite? Lets us know either by replying here or send me or Tamara a notecard and if she has it we will blog it or better still we will invite you to our studio and do a shoot for you and post you on the blog under I remember aDiva!

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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