Hunt, Props & Poses, Teaser

Jodi – PROPOSER HUNT 3 … Teaser 1

hate me and eat me . strike the pose

HelaMiyo . Just saying

Slash Me Poses . /me is a ProPoser Gal

aDORKable . Phoney Pony

gesticulate . rawr

It’s here again, once more the PROPOSER HUNT has hit SL  and its the third time round. Coming soon to a sim near you PROPOSER 3 (is that me or does that sound like a movie trailer), it runs from the 15th january until the 15 of february and its quite simple in operation: Once the starting point is set, each designer will receive the gift’s box with the next store’s landmark . For example, store # 1 will place in the gift box the landmak of the store # 2, store # 2 will place in the gift box the landmark of the store # 3, and so on.. until the last one. The last store will place the Landmark of the first store.  ONLY GROUP MEMBERS get the gift. Simple eh? at each location you touch the box and get a gift and landmark to the next store, don’t worry about the finer details thats been worked out in advance. just get to the first location and it should be easy from there, however if you get stuck then look on the hunt blog for hints or ask in group chat but DON”T ask for the actual location it does spoil the fun a tad. Most importantly you need to join the PROPOSER GROUP. NOT GROUP TAG NO PLAY. Have fun and good hunting

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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