Jodi – Colins having a moan

“I haven’t a thing to wear”

Doesn’t Tamara look great in everything she wears? I do so wish the same could be said for me though, Ok I’m a man and yes I don’t like shopping but at the end of the day I do need to wear clothes. I don’t have a particular taste in clothes but I do like to look at least pleasing to the eye and I do like to feel comfortable in what I wear, so why on earth is there nothing for guys out there? A fellow blogger went so far as to publish his own views on that

To be honest with you I wouldn’t go so far as to wear something like that but you get the point (at least I hope you do)? I dont like to wear leather pants like some medallion wearing 80’s porn star or a middle aged rock singer but, I would like to look good for my lady when we go somewhere and lets it put it this way there are so many places one can dance now a days in SL, last count there were 20957574643 clubs in Second Life all of which cater for the vampire or lycan or rock head or the repressed medallion wearing porn star wannabe. Having said that even the ones mentioned above still need to be clothed or shod but there seems to be an abundance of designers to cater for that, I don’t like to visit the free stores like some hard up noobie or shop in the small vendor stores next to the “Kitten Lick Club” I want quality clothing at an affordable price without looking like I fell out of a sci fi or porn stars convention. Come on Designers give us more, I know there are those out there doing their darndest but they need a little bit of help. Or is that too much of a challenge for you?

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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