Jodi – One Year On … A big thank you from Tammy & Colin

It’s hard to believe that Jodi –  the Bloggers with heart and soul; is one year old, if you want to trawl back to the first posts that we put on here it was a Valentines Special. It was a proud moment for us as we watched the reader stats rising and our following growing, in fact we are still amazed at how many of you do watch our blog. Times have changed though and the set up has altered, Tamara tends to do most of the modelling and photography and I will add the text to the document. A lot of the time I try to keep it light and amusing telling a story about what and why Tamara is wearing a particular outfit and other times I try to keep it brief just explaining an item. Sometimes it doesn’t require a lot of words, mainly because it won’t need much of an introduction: for example hair or skin. Some of you will have noticed a serious tone to what I will write, this is mainly because I feel a need to inject my own cynicism to the posting. If this is seen as offensive then I do sincerely apologise because that is not my intention. We will however continue to bring you the best in fashion reporting from Second Life and we will continue to at least try and be objective in our reporting. Meanwhile dear blog watcher, good hunting and happy shopping and we will see you in another year xx. Colin


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