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Jodi – Helloooooooo Babyyyyyyy

Head to toe

Tammy / Col

Head to toe

Tammy / Col

Haare / Hair: Artilleri Rina Hair / MaDesigns Hair Chris Casual
Skin: Curio Pin Up / Redgrave Emile
Kleid / Dress: Artilleri Poodle Power!
Top: Artilleri Bowling Shirt
Jeans: Artilleri Burt Jeans
Schuhe / Shoes: Shiny Things Saturday Flats / Hoorenbeek Le Look L’Homme
Glasses: Artilleri Gabriella

It’s a fifties revival here today and what a decade: The U.S. and her allies were testing the H – Bomb, The United States and other U.N. forces were engaged in a struggle against North Korea and China during the Korean War. In the United Kingdom the Cambridge five were exposed as Soviet spies (Philby, Burgess, Maclean and Blunt), Ruth Ellis was the last woman to hang for murder and the British Prime Minister Anthony Eden resigned following the Suez Conflict after being told off by President Eisenhower. On a lighter side Marlon Brando hit the big screen as “The Wild One”, Norma Jean Mortensen became Marilyn Monroe and Rock and Roll was born.

So what better way to celebrate the decade that rocked than to bring you the fashions and music from that golden era, Artilleri is one of the best places to shop for those awesome clothes and with a little mixing and matching I am certain you can find something to add to it. The only problem is where can you wear these awesome fashion accessories? Well if you will allow me to tell you dear blog watcher: there is a 50’s revival weekend at the bestest 24/7 music venue in SL the one and only Muddy’s Music Cafe. The event lasts all weekend and ends at midnight SLT sunday, there will be live DJ’s playing music from the 50’s as well as requests and a mix of modern rock and pop. Awesome hosts and hostesses to welcome you and show you around the club and mein hosts Bridget and William to be there to ensure your visit really rocks. Come down and see it for yourselves it really is like an extended family and you can show off your fabulous 50’s iconic fashions.

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Model & Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


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