Jodi – DeeTaleZ New Shop and Hot Deals

When Steffi Villota from DeeTaleZ informed us recently that the sim was to close for refurbishment I was expecting a few changes. But what I saw today  really impressed me. She didn’t just make a few changes but she built a whole new store. And believe me peeps, the store itself is custom built and isn’t one of those you see  on SL Marketplace and is in itself a work of art.

While I was there I  wanted to take some pics and a lot of people had the same idea as me and were there to see the new shop. So I wasn’t able to snap a nearly nice pic without someone jumping into it. So I pinched Steffis pic (please forgive me, dear, for stealing your piccie) to show you at least a little bit of that amazing newnesses.

And when I looked through the different sections I found some  “Hot Deals”  that I show you here.

If not for the Hot Deals or the regular items at the shop, go for the shop itself.

Happy Shopping! xx

Model, Photographer (lower pic only) & Editor: Tamara Lowenhart


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