Hair & Hairaccessory, Men, Props & Poses, Shoes, Skins & Shapes

Jodi – INDI Designs Lilly & Marshal

Head to toe Tammy

Head to toe Col

On a lovely spring day like this we needed to take advantage of the weather and take a stroll near the sea and we had just the place in mind for that. As we are meant to be a fashionable couple we had to dress in the latest releases from INDI, which was a pretty good idea as it was still pretty chilly despite the sun shining. I wore Marshal which has a few different combinations either with cardigan or just with the shirt and Tammy slipped into Lilly which has a sleeveless top and one with sleeves and you can wear it with or without tights. As promised we have a duty of care to you lovely people and we want to announce that Bax has issued a free update for the Ankle boots which has been long anticipated. HECTOR STOP CHASING SEAGULLS! See you later folks

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Model & Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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