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Jodi – LostAngel Industries Futuristic Chair

LostAngel Industries Futuristic Chair

Yaay, LostAngel Industries finally released something new. What a nifty little thing that futuristic chair is to play with. 5 colours included in the pack and 12 poses to try. LostAngel Industries is known for doing the not so common things and that’s why you’ll find the poses are different, but in a good way different. Demo it at the shop and I bet you’ll love it as much as I do.
Oh and you might want to check their new site here.

Model, Photographer & Editor: Tamara Lowenhart


2 thoughts on “Jodi – LostAngel Industries Futuristic Chair

  1. angiecortes says:

    Absolutely love it! Thank you 🙂
    I ask your permission to use this image to link to your blog from my website, on the section dedicated to this prop!

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