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Jodi – Unique Atena

(picture above was photoshopped)

Well, to be honest with you: When I first tried Atena  I was not quite sure about it. First thing I saw were the so not Second Life-typical  eyebrows. I’m used to the-thinner-the better- shaped eyebrows. Atena on the other hand has quite strong eyebrows. So I put the skin on and took it off … on and off. Wore it for a day, changed again. Still couldn’t make my mind up.
But then I started looking into her a bit closer,  I eventually found her to be quite attractive. She’s not the typical perfect young fresh face. But she has character and maturity. The texture is very detailed and that gives her a huge portion of reality. One thing I must say, in all honesty it wasn’t love at first sight, but at second. This skin is perfect for real women, who are bored with being perfect and love to be different, but still very attractive.

Unique Atena

Model, Photographer & Editor: Tamara Lowenhart


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