CHIC Limited, Shoes

Jodi – Purrfect 10 @ CHIC Limited

Purrfect 10 Gemini Heels in Cherry Blossom for CHIC Limited

“LOOK LOOK!!” she screamed in an excited voice, “Purrfect 10 are doing Gemini Heels shoes for CHIC Limited and they’re in Cherry Blossom exclusively For the store.” I waited for the puppy dog eyes as I felt my wallet slip out of my back pocket, “you do love me don’t you?” the bottom lip trembled slightly and those lovely long lashes fluttered, how could I resist? It wasn’t long before she came skipping out of the store with a couple of bags, making me look at her in a quizzical manner. “Purrfect 10 are also giving away a free 10 skin toner at the main store … FREE.” Oh well at least my credit card could have a little rest this Easter weekend …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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