Sales, Skyboxes & Furniture

Jodi – LISP Sofas for Project Themeory

LISP Rogue Sofa & LISP Sweetheart Jack Sofa (each 75 L$ only)

I washed the breakfast things and sat down to quietly enjoy the paper before I got pounced on, “take me to lunch!” She demanded as her full weight settled on my stomach. Breathing shallow and looking up into those gorgeous hazel eyes, “where?” I puffed trying hard to breath. “That nice little pub down by the river,” she looked down at me smiling. Her lovely red lips curved into a smile, “they have a lovely lunch menu and maybe if you are a good boy we can come back home for a nice tasty dessert.” She said winking as her hand produced my wallet from behind her back. Oh well I guess I can always relax on our new LISP Sofa, which we bought in the sale later. “Can we walk so I can have a drink?” I asked as I followed her sexy leather clad rear out the door …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Model & Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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