Skins & Shapes

Jodi – Redgrave Suzu & David

(picture above was photoshopped)

–> SLUrl

I love Redgrave for skins, the detail is always acute and you get loads packed into them. It actually shows you why waiting for Redgrave to release a skin is like waiting for a bus in the rain, yes you do wait for ever and then two come at once. But then you can settle into a hi definition skin that is so photo-realistic it looks real, that’s why you only get them at such long periods, they don’t release them until they are perfect. Oh, by the way just as a FYI: You also get shapes, hair and eyes as added extras, plus loads of tattoo layers and David also has great tattoos for the arms and torso (as shown on the top picture) …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Model & Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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