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Jodi – PARADISIS So Bad & Sweet Sugar

Head to toe

  • Haare / Hair: Dura Celebration Gift (free)
  • Skin: Curio Yum 2
  • Top & Socks: PARADISIS So Bad
  • Pose: Lost Angels Voodoo Doll

Undies: PARADISIS Sweet Sugar

–> SLUrls

You can tell Christmas is rapidly approaching and to tell you all the truth “I’M PANICKING”. And the wife has noticed, I walked in to the bedroom the other morning and Tammy was sitting on the bed wearing her PARADISIS underwear and holding an old doll, sticking pins in it. “Darling” she hissed, “you do realise it’s nearly Christmas don’t you?” Well she had my attention as she skewered the doll again, then held it up for me to see. “PARADISIS are doing some lovely lingerie this season, but don’t just stop there use your imagination.” I won’t tell you where the last pin was inserted it would make your eyes water …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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