Jodi – And a birthday party to outshine em all!

Wanna go to a party? Well I know where there is one and you are all invited… And what a party it’s going to be, at a place where you can chat, dance and have fun without drama and stress, after 2 years it’s still going strong, that has had its fair share of ups and downs and this is it’s story:

22 January Bridget Hammill (aka Bethany Markova) opened the doors of a new club, naming it after a chocolate brown Labrador named Muddy.  Muddy’s came to life as a club where one could be comfortable taking their grandmother to if it existed in RL.  A place in SL away from sex and all the other so called ‘adult’ stuff.  A place free of drama and tension; A place where everybody would know your name.  Up from the prim ground textures sprang Muddy’s Music Cafe’.

“Muddy himself”

28 Jan – WilliamD Bracken shangai’d as bartender.  with those immortal words “Hey William, come check out the club I just opened.” (And he still can’t mix a Martini worth a darn). By the end of March the VIP Group had risen to 1000 members and within 3 days the traffic had hit 30,000 in a day.

In the Sept – Muddy’s changes location on original Estrella sim without missing a shift.

It hasn’t all been plain sailin; Just 18 months after opening Beth was forced to step away from day to day activities. Within a month Estrella announced its forthcoming closure. Due to logistics involved and Beth rarely online attempting to move the club on short notice is deemed financially impossible.  It is announced that Muddy’s will close at at midnight on the 26th. This came as a blow to staff and guests, many refused to accept this as the final straw. This was a second home to everybody. Even Beth herself made a brief appearance and a reprieve was found at the eleventh hour and Muddys move to a new sim. Muddy went walkabout again after the sim owner gives William 72 hours to move which was done with barely an hour to spare.

“The Muddys staff provide a 24/7 service to everybody visiting the club, everybody gets a warm welcome whether it’s the first visit or the 101st”

5 Nov – Muddy’s kicks off its new location celebrating Guye Fawkes Day with a London set complete with wrap around London skyline.

Jan 22 – Muddy’s celebrates its 2nd anniversary.  Many faces have changed in both Staff and vIP groups, but Muddy’s is still the place that Beth dreamed of when she first opened the doors.  The place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

“DJ’s and Hosts are always on everyday all day, all sets last for 2 hours and there is rarely an interruption in the DJ/Host line-up”


Snow Enchanted-Toxx: i reemeber when muddys moved within the sim – Bou asking us all to hold hands and walk in a line to the new location as it was just round the corner

Ezekiel Jax: Muddy’s rawks

Boudicca Amat: fondest memories?
Boudicca Amat: crumbs dunno
Col Tunwarm: too many to mention?
Boudicca Amat: yeah good answer 😉
Boudicca Amat: and pretty true actually 🙂
Col Tunwarm: but i do remember the move across estrada
Boudicca Amat: oh yes
Boudicca Amat: I’d already started hosting then
Col Tunwarm: did you know we landed at muddys by accident?
Boudicca Amat: I think I was at muddys from amye the March of 2010?
Col Tunwarm: we had been club hopping for weeks
Boudicca Amat: I’d been off SL for almost a year
Boudicca Amat: came back in and was at a loss for what to do, looked in Search, something I’d never done before as I always went to Live acts
Boudicca Amat: Muddy’s was first TP and there I stayed 🙂
Col Tunwarm: i was surprised to find a dj on the stage all the time
Col Tunwarm: before that we looked for events
Boudicca Amat: it never occurred to me there wouldn’t be a DJ 🙂
or someone there
but it was the local chat that got  me staying 🙂
never knew of that before
Col Tunwarm: it was the fact that someone said hello to us and there was a dj on
Boudicca Amat: uhuh, it was just soo damn friendly
Col Tunwarm: and it wasnt just the host that said hello, everybody did
Boudicca Amat: my first maybe 3 months in SL I  don’t think I spoke to more than a handful of people and any clubs I had visited were always bare and empty, very depressing
Col Tunwarm: yeah we had that as well what i liked most was there was no events no competitions to entice people there. They came for the music and chat and fun
Boudicca Amat: oh yes, no Sploders!

Memorable Events over the past two years:
Week long Mardi Gras celebrations
Pirate weekend, onboard a Pirate ship on top of Muddy’s
Mudstock weekend (Commemorating the anniversay of Woodstock)
Week long halloween parties

They don’t need an excuse to party at Muddys, but any excuse will do. In a time when many clubs close after a few months in SL, Muddys has endured survived and fought on. Let’s hope it is around for another 2 years because I know I will miss the place and you won’t find a nicer bunch of people. But don’t take my word for it come see for your self…

You won’t be left alone and everybody’s welcome. “Where everybody knows your name and you’ll be glad you came…”

“Thank you everyone for your support and loyality over the past two years.  Here’s to many more enjoyable times.”

WilliamD Bracken
Muddy’s Music Cafe’

Festivities start at 6pm SLT on
Thursday 19th January, but it’s a party within a party



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