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Jodi – GothiCatz Arvid

  • Haare/Hair: Dura Boys & Girls *30
  • Skin: Redgrave Craig
  • Outfit: Gothicatz Arvid
  • Schuhe/Shoes: Indi O’Donnell

–> SLUrls

Another Release from GothiCatz for men and we are proud to introduce Arvid, with ripped jeans, t-shirt and leather bikers style jacket with MESH attachments. Ok I know what your asking: Why aren’t they doing the entire jacket as MESH? Well dear blog watcher I asked the same question to a GothiCatz spokeperson and the reply I got was confusing and it included something about Alphas and different types of MESH and […] as I am a journalist and not a designer I left it at that. But all in all it’s a good outfit and I hope that one day soon GothiCatz goes the whole hog and releases outfits made entirely from MESH and not just bits and pieces …

Model/Photographer & Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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