Jodi – Tammy’s Digits – Berry’s Blogger Challenge

Berry’s Blogger Challenge

  • How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

I do love mesh –> when it is done by someone who knows how to do it. Unfortunately you get “designers” who throw mesh items out on the market just for the sake of it and for keeping up with the latest trends. But honestly, when you can’t work it, don’t do it.
I sometimes get feedback from people when I wear mesh that they can’t see it and I’m just covered in big blobs on their screens. I do understand that this is annoying, but really not my problem.
So, whenever I find a well done piece of mesh clothing I certainly do buy and wear it.

  • Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?

Luckily my shape seems to work for most of the mesh items I get. Rarely I need to shrink my breasts. But as my ava is on the smaller breasted side anyway I normally get “the girls” into mesh tops. I’m with Berry and normally turn out to be something between S and M.
As I wear my bum a bit bigger I must admit I sometimes miss a well shaped bum with mesh trousers or skirts. They quite often turn out to be flat bummed.

  • Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?

Mesh normally works fine for me as it is. So I’m not really bothered by the mesh deformer. We’ll see what happens when LL implements it.

Model, Editor & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart


One thought on “Jodi – Tammy’s Digits – Berry’s Blogger Challenge

  1. I’m also at the point where I’m not enthusiastically waiting for the mesh deformer as I was before. I’m ok with the way mesh is now, but yeah, I guess we’ll see. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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