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Jodi – Is it warm enough for a bikini yet?


Head to toes

Piercing 1 : .:Useful Things:. beast piercing
Piercing 2: .:Useful Things:. beast spikes
Haare / Hair: Action Megan TDR Dolly HAIR @ TDR Fusion
Bikini Bottom: DRIFT Tini Kini Bottoms [MESH] Metallic @ TDR Fusion
Bikini Top: DRIFT Tini Kini Top [MESH] Metallic @ TDR FUsion
Füße / Feet: N-core BAREFEET Flat
Drink: [Love Soul] Ice Cafe Latte
Icecream: [LOVE SOUL] Ice Cream


–> SLUrls

I wouldn’t say it was the patter of tiny feet, but more like a rampaging bull elephant charging  through the house. Then the screaming started, thinking I was at a One direction concert I was compelled to plug my ears and close my eyes hoping it would soon be over and my weekend wouldn’t be disturbed any more than it already was. Only to be shaken violently and to be told in no uncertain terms “the sun’s shining, the sun’s shining.” To my horror Tammy was dressed ready for the beach, dressed in a new bikini slapping sun cream on like there was no tomorrow. If that wasn’t enough I had a blow up mattress thrust in my hand and being told to “blow that up please,” The last thing I recall about the pump was it was last used on holiday in France and it was still there. So in order to keep my princess happy I was forced to go hypoxic blowing it up by hand or mouth, she then disappeared into the garden while I returned to the peace and quiet of a Sunday afternoon. Wake me up when it’s dinner time …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm


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