Jodi – N-Core SUBLIME



–> SLUrls

I’m offcially in love. No, honestly. I’m head over heels (pun intended *haha*) with the latest N-Core release. The texture, the details, the style … as if they were made just for me. Well, they weren’t, but a girl can dream, right.


And I love, love, love the HUD. It gives you plenty of options to adjust your skin colour, the size, the nail colour and all you would normally expect from a HUD. And those little gems have a colour changing option for several parts of the shoe. So even if you go with the save option (like me) and buy the black ones, you still can play with the parts and make them match your outfit.


But the best thing ever is the N-Core “Click & Match” Service. I hate colour matching my shoes to my skin. And I’m never really 100% happy with it … yeah, I know, I’m a perfectionist. But with the mentioned option you get redirected to a website, tell the system what brand of skin, the name of the skin and the skin tone … and hey presto, the system does the job for you. Maybe you won’t find all skins in there, but believe me there are quite a few and it makes life so much easier.

Did I mention I’m in love? lol


Model, Editor & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart


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