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Jodi – Curio is back!

Those of you that follow our blog on a regular basis know that I always was a big fan of the Curio skins. They felt like “made for me” and you hardly ever saw me in another skin than Curio.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Gala released 3 new Curio skins. The next opportunity I got I headed over to the shop and got me the demos.

The skins do come in 7 different skin tones:


May I introduce Penelope and her 6 make-ups:


This lady is called Nadia:


And last but not least Ember:


I’m sure you’ll find quite a few blogs regarding the latest skin release. And the ones I read so far all reflect kind of what I’m feeling.
Don’t get me wrong, the skins are nice. But it seems as if Gala is stuck where she left SL last time. She needs to crank it up a notch to keep up with the skin developers nowadays.
For example there are no appliers yet. For me an absolute must in a SL where most people wear mesh attachements and want them to blend with their skin in the best way.
The eyebrow options are only available when you buy the mega pack. Pity when you like to change your hair colour on a regular basis like me.
The vendor system that Gala is going for is different to others and maybe not the best choice. You either buy a single skin in a certain skintone and a certain make-up for 1000L$, or you buy one make-up in all skintones for 1500L$ or you buy the mega pack for 2500L$ with all skintones and all make-ups (and the above mentioned brow options). I would rather see the choice of buying one skintone with all the make-ups. Honestly most of us change make-ups but not so much skintones. And even if it normally is just a shade up or down.

Welcome back, Gala & Curio. I hope you find your mojo soon and show them skin designers out there how it is done. Would love to see you back in the top 10 of skin brands pretty soon. I certainly missed you.

–> SLUrls

Model, Editor & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart


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