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Jodi – LISP Sofas for Project Themeory

LISP Rogue Sofa & LISP Sweetheart Jack Sofa (each 75 L$ only)

I washed the breakfast things and sat down to quietly enjoy the paper before I got pounced on, “take me to lunch!” She demanded as her full weight settled on my stomach. Breathing shallow and looking up into those gorgeous hazel eyes, “where?” I puffed trying hard to breath. “That nice little pub down by the river,” she looked down at me smiling. Her lovely red lips curved into a smile, “they have a lovely lunch menu and maybe if you are a good boy we can come back home for a nice tasty dessert.” She said winking as her hand produced my wallet from behind her back. Oh well I guess I can always relax on our new LISP Sofa, which we bought in the sale later. “Can we walk so I can have a drink?” I asked as I followed her sexy leather clad rear out the door …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Model & Editor: Colin Tunwarm

Skyboxes & Furniture

Jodi – [-BLUE SKY-] “Orient Express Skybox”

[-BLUE SKY-] “Orient Express Skybox”

Mon Dieu! We have L’ Orient Express skybox from Blue Sky, and mon amie we dont need to use leetle grey cells to see it is just like ze real thing. As a little bit of playfulness if you press the red button you can hear the train whistle. Avaible on the lucky board from the 10th march for one week, so hurry or it could be murder getting one!

Pictures by Luca Python

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – BLUE SKY Skyboxes: Tron Legacy & Love House

It seems we are forever evolving here, at first we brought you fashions, then we started blogging furniture and bathrooms and now we are selling homes. To be honest with you I don’t know much about real estate or selling homes and property but these great looking boxes are available from BLUE SKY. Tron Legacy and Tron Legacy II are from the lucky boards in the showroom and the Love House is available as a group gift. If you want an opinion the Love House is my fave because it is a traditional looking home given to you just for joining the group. Furnished and ready to move in. The Tron boxes are futuristic and inspired by the movie of the same name about a computer game and they have that look about them. They are however unfurnished but that would allow you to have a good look around for furniture to suit the design, Maybe even to turn into a small bar or club

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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