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Jodi – Phoenix Rising

Head to Toe:

Just to remind you all that alas Phoenix Rising is closing down, this would be your last chance to grab a bargain before the sun sets on this store. On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to wish those behind Phoenix Rising all the best for whatever future they have in mind for themselves. The fashion world of SL will never be the same without them and I hope that the Pheonix will rise again.

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Jodi says “Good bye” to Phoenix Rising

We got a notecard from Ashoka Eales today telling the group members that Phoenix Rising is closing.
That came as quite a shock. :’o(

But Ashoka and her team wont bow out with a whimper, they intend to go with a big bang – a huge 100 L$ sale bang. Everything is going for only 100 L$ … so ladies and gents, now is your chance to get the collection you always wanted and keep a little piece of Phoenix Rising alive in your inventory.

We are wearing the Phoenix Rising Risk … available for girls and boys.

Jodi – Bloggers with heart & soul


Jodi – Phoenix Rising … with this lingerie it will be more than a Phoenix

Tamara is wearing Tainted by Phoenix Rising and Colin is wearing Cruz boxer briefs in red.

Once again Colin is wearing Cruz boxer briefs this time in purple and this time Tamara is wearing Mislead from Phoenix Rising.

Both ladies sets have that classical elegance, which has a slight retro look. A must for those ladies that like that certain class in their lingerie collection, whether it is to tease and tempt the man in your life or just because you are worth it! Phoenix Rising has it all.

Not to be left out Phoenix Rising, gives the fella in your heart a little something for you to feast your eyes on. A lovely set of boxer briefs one in red and the other in purple, oh decisions, decisions.

Jodi – Bloggers with heart and soul