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Jodi – Sale @ Unique


We made a special coupon to celebrate 4th July!  From Friday (July 1st) to Monday (July 4th), you can get 20% off in selected fatpacks of male and female skins and also in selected packs of eyes! It’s the first time we’re doing that and we hope you all enjoy it!

The participating items are (please note, ONLY FATPACKS and only at our main store):


Apolo A2 2nd Generation







Atena (Pale, Bronze e Dark)

Artemis (Pale, Bronze e Dark)









How to proceed:

1) Go to one of our terminals at our main store (;

2) Click in the terminal and type this code in your local chat: 4JULYBLOG;

3) There will appear a blue menu to guide you from there on;

4) You can buy more than one product at once, you just have to click “buy more”;

5) When you are done choosing your products, click “checkout”;

6) The total statement will be displayed in your screen with products and amount;

7) Click the object with the right button and pay the amount referring to your shop;

8) It’s done! You will receive all the items you got!

Summer, holiday, fireworks, 4th July!!!! Let’s celebrate together!

Enjoy it!


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Jodi – GAWK got something new and hot

Head to toe

Head to toe

I don’t think I can say much about these, other than wow! If you want something to get the old man in a good mood then this could be just the thing.

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – Fell in love with AOHARU … again

Head to toe

Head to toe

  • Haare / Hair: W&Y 126 C
  • Skin: Unique Atena
  • Outfit: AOHARU TailoredShortJacket & AOHARU TailoredShortPants
  • Schuhe / Shoes: ANEXX PlatformWedgesole
  • Pose: LAP Spice Pose Set

Head to toe

I watched Tams changing for the pictures and I was reminded of an old English event called Henley Regatta, now for those of you unfamiliar with this activity allow me to enlighten you. During the English summer (when it isn’t raining non stop) the various rowing clubs on the Thames and Isis would gather for a spot of jollification and frolics in boats and punts. The chaps would wear blazers and flannel trousers and straw boaters and talk to each other in a funny voice (do get on with it old boy we have’nt got all bally day), ok I’ll cut to the quick. The outfits Tams is wearing here reminds me of those totally spiffing days of messing about and playing with punts and, well she looks like she is going out there and through the bridges of Oxford and out into the countryside around abouts. All rather spiffing eh what?

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – GAWK! Pattern Mini Dress

Head to toe

  • Haare / Hair: Truth RiRi
  • Skin: Curio Yum2
  • Kleid / Dress: Gawk! Pattern Mini Dress
  • Stiefel / Boots: BAX Prestige Boots
  • Pose: Apple Spice Red Carpet

Head to toe

I like to see Tams showing off her long sexy legs and her gorgeous rear and, Gawk! have given her the means to show them off with this sexy Pattern Mini Dress. I find it gets harder to type whn I see her like this …

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – Colours

Head to toe

Head to toe

Who missed bright spring colours? Well as spring has definitely sprung, it’s time to ditch the thermals and woolies and look forward to the sun finally coming out to play after the long cold winter. So get some sun to you and brighten up with some lovely Colours.

Model & Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor: Colin Tunwarm

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Jodi – Unique Atena

(picture above was photoshopped)

Well, to be honest with you: When I first tried Atena  I was not quite sure about it. First thing I saw were the so not Second Life-typical  eyebrows. I’m used to the-thinner-the better- shaped eyebrows. Atena on the other hand has quite strong eyebrows. So I put the skin on and took it off … on and off. Wore it for a day, changed again. Still couldn’t make my mind up.
But then I started looking into her a bit closer,  I eventually found her to be quite attractive. She’s not the typical perfect young fresh face. But she has character and maturity. The texture is very detailed and that gives her a huge portion of reality. One thing I must say, in all honesty it wasn’t love at first sight, but at second. This skin is perfect for real women, who are bored with being perfect and love to be different, but still very attractive.

Unique Atena

Model, Photographer & Editor: Tamara Lowenhart

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Jodi – Sweetest Goodbye for the guys

Head to toe

Head to toe

Please Miss can I leave the room? It’s a back to school look from Sweetest Goodbye with a military style sleeveless jacket as an alternative look.

Photographer: Tamara Lowenhart

Editor & Model: Colin Tunwarm